AB 2068 – Requires Employers To Post Cal/OSHA Citations And Orders In Multiple Languages

AB 2068 amends Sections 6318 and 6431 of the Labor Code. When a business in California is visited and cited by Cal OSHA, the following will apply:

Under current law, if the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) makes a finding that an employer violated health and safety standards or regulations, Cal/OSHA can issue a citation, which the employer is required to post at or near each place where the violation occurred, or in a place readily seen by all employees. However, current law does not require the employer

to post translations of these notices even if the majority of the worksite speaks a language other than English.

Assembly Bill 2068 (AB 2068) focuses on closing this language gap. By making it a requirement to be inclusive and considerate of all languages in the workplace. It requires that any time a citation or special order or action is required to be posted, the employer must also post an employee notification prepared by Cal/OSHA in multiple languages. AB 2068 requires Cal/OSHA to prepare these notifications in English and the top seven non-English languages used by limited-English-proficient adults in California, as determined by the US Census Bureau’s American Community Census, as well as Punjabi (if not already included). Spanish being the largest group. Other languages that may be included are: Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, Tagalog. Posting in the specified seven languages is required regardless of the languages spoken within your workplace.

AB 2068 allows Cal/OSHA to enforce this posting requirement by citations and civil penalties.


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