Bolton & Company Expands Operations into Torrance, Acquiring Portion of InAssist’s Employee Benefits Business

June 3, 2016

Greg Toumassian
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PASADENA, California – Bolton & Company, one of the nation’s largest privately-owned insurance brokers, has announced the acquisition of a portion of the corporate employee benefits business of inAssist Health Management Solutions, a provider of customized healthcare technology based in Torrance, California.

Mike Morey, Bolton & Company Chief Operating Officer, points to the development as part of a continued effort to increase the firm’s reach and capabilities.

“We are very excited to make this announcement,” said Morey. “The team at inAssist offers the kind of solutions that we look toward to support our clients daily. Through this agreement, Bolton will be able to not only serve a new group of individuals, but do so with greater capabilities that will only enrich the service we pride ourselves on providing.”

As part of the acquisition, Bolton & Company will expand its operations into Torrance, and members of inAssist’s employee benefits team will join the firm. In addition, Bolton has chosen to partner with inAssist to utilize their industry-leading TotalCare and EmployeeCare health management solutions which significantly reduce employee medical costs.

For inAssist Chief Executive Officer Scott Speranza, the deal marks a calculated and beneficial step forward for both parties.

“What inAssist and Bolton & Company both provide is a client-first focus that drives the way we do business,” said Speranza. “When you break it down, this is really a fantastic partnership between two like-minded firms with many years in the industry.”

About Bolton & Company
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