Finding Qualified Cannabis Workers in a Tight Labor Market

Today, nearly every industry is experiencing a tighter-than-normal labor market – including the cannabis industry. To expand and grow, cannabis businesses must be proactive when it comes to establishing strategies for attracting and retaining qualified workers.

A recent article in Cannabis Business Times looks at key insights on how you can best approach recruitment and retention issues in a tight labor market. Here are some tips:

  • Be Flexible. If possible, allow employees the option of working remotely, part-time or even a four-day work week.
  • Make a Counteroffer. Consider matching salary offers that experienced employees receive from competitors. Give them a reason to stay.
  • Maintain a Positive Work Culture. A workplace that fosters an enjoyable, less-rigid environment will make people want to work for and stay with your company.
  • Add Some Benefits to the Mix. From extra paid time off to employee discounts and gift certificates, adding unique incentives is an attractive perk.
  • Create Opportunities for Growth. Promotions and pay increases for a job well done are big selling points in recruiting people from the larger market.
  • Sell Them on Your Business. Do potential and existing employees know the story of your business? For example, where and how did it start? What were your struggles and triumphs? Sharing your company’s story and vision for the future on your website and social media gets people emotionally invested and can help attract workers.
  • Turn Passion into Opportunities. People who have continued to stand behind making cannabis legal and available to everyone are clearly passionate about the industry. Leveraging the medicinal and social justice benefits of cannabis legalization can be an effective way to attract candidates from other industries that want to support the movement.
  • Alleviate COVID-19 Concerns. Make sure the COVID-19 protocols your business follows demonstrates your commitment to the health and safety of workers.
  • Put your Best Leaders Out There. Good management skills include being positive, supportive and helpful. Employees won’t stay in a job if they must work under a manager or management team that’s negative and unreasonable.

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