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One of the most important elements in a solid risk management program is the area of loss prevention and reduction. Bolton will work closely with your organization to conduct a risk audit. As part of our risk management consulting services, our in-house loss prevention team provides you with a blueprint of your facilities and operations and reflect special or unique hazards that may exist.

Using the information from the risk audit, facility inspection and previous years’ claims history, our team develops recommendations to help alleviate and eliminate hazardous exposures, reducing the chance of loss. These recommendations are then taken and put into a service plan to schedule the services and hold both parties accountable.

Available safety services include:

  • Onsite safety training presentations (English and Spanish)
  • Customized safety training materials
  • Train-the-trainer and direct employee safety training
  • Comprehensive workplace safety inspections
  • Written safety program reviews
  • Company safety culture evaluations
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Dosimetry evaluations (noise surveys)
  • Safety educational materials including pamphlets, DVDs and safety sheets
  • Assistance in Cal/OSHA Compliance, including representation before any administrative hearings
  • Injury and illness trend analysis
  • Industrial hygiene and first-aid/CPR referrals
  • Monthly tailgate safety meeting topics
  • Accident investigations
  • Analyze existing injury and illness prevention programs for effectiveness and compliance
  • On-site loss prevention services
  • Review safety programs, including responsibilities for management and supervisors
  • Provide training and education to management, supervisors and employees
  • Enhance existing internal training and education
  • Review OSHA recordkeeping systems

Additionally, our risk management consulting services may cover mock-OSHA inspections, bilingual safety training and education on numerous topics, and ongoing assistance with your safety program.

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