Understanding the Impact of Technology.

Bolton is much different than your average brokerage company. We are committed to do more than just shift with our industry; our primary objective is to lead. We do so by connecting you with partners who are experts and focus specifically on human resource information systems and wellness solutions.

Technology tools are able to enhance your HR teams and can provide information to employees in a clearer and faster manner. Our team will support your online enrollment benefit administration tool, acting as a partner and an extension of your HR team with any form of technology.

Services we provide:

  • Review digital and technology benefits vendors (video open enrollment, mobile application options, etc.) as open enrollment options
  • Wellness applications: Helping clients stay current on the latest mobile app technology
  • Assist with selecting the right HR technology to fit your organization’s needs and objectives
  • Oversee the implementation and ongoing support of any technology solution selected
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare reform, ascertain efficiencies and gaps to maximize existing products and ensure pricing competitiveness

Your Ever-evolving, Problem Solving Team.

Do you have a question about a service? Perhaps you have a unique challenge? Maybe you need support in an area that isn’t listed here?

We want to hear from you. Reach out to our expert team and let us know your story. We’re eager to help.