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As a full-service brokerage firm, Bolton represents a wide and diverse range of industries and specialities. Among the numerous areas we serve, we have developed specific expertise and products within the following industries:

Latest Articles

Illinois Department of Labor Releases Guidance for Consumer Coverage Disclosure Act

On August 27, 2021, the Consumer Coverage Disclosure Act (“CCDA”) was signed into Illinois law. While the CCDA …

IRS Increases Health FSA Contribution Limit for 2022, Adjusts Other Benefit Limits 

On November 9, 2021, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released Revenue Procedure 2021-45, which increases the health flexible …

OSHA Publishes Vaccine-or-Testing ETS for Employers 100+

On September 10, 2021, President Biden had issued a 6-step COVID Action Plan.  One step ordered the Department …

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