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Risk Mitigation

Bolton is experienced in identifying and mitigating the continually evolving risks that technology and life science companies face daily. We provide a range of proactive risk management services for our client base, which includes companies that provide internet services, information technology, programming, telecommunication, and clean tech and biotechnologies.

Cyber Liability

Cyber liability poses significantly more risk for technology and life science organizations that have access to proprietary financial, intellectual property and personal health information. Bolton’s cyber liability specialists can provide consultative benchmarking that compares what similar firms are buying as well as the risk programs they are implementing. In addition, free cyber preparedness and breach consulting is provided through our partnership with eRiskHub.

R&D and Product Liability

We work alongside a wide range of tech and life science clients—from startups doing research and development off college campuses to public companies that look toward growing their operations. The production and development risks these clients face are complex and unique, so we customize risk management solutions to their needs. Today we support pharmaceutical manufactures, nutraceuticals contract manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, drug designers in joint ventures and their venture capital and private equity resources. Additionally, clinical trials across the globe can be readily negotiated.


Software Developers Coverage

We also secure coverage for coding and software developers that serve a range of industries and specialties, including hospitals, automated factories and assembly, civic and traffic applications, law enforcement and military data, and online commerce and transactions. This list includes companies that develop code for hardware equipment, artificial intelligence, telecommunication and internet infrastructure.




Bolton’s Life Science and Biotechnology Industry Involvement

Established Carrier Relationships and Access

Bolton has developed strong relationships with the insurance companies that specialize in tech and life science fields. Over the years, we have worked closely with our clients to put together the most competitive and comprehensive risk management programs available using insurance and innovative risk transfer mechanisms. It’s our focus to leverage our industry standing to best support the interest of our clients.

TechAssure—Global Technology Risk Specialists

Bolton is an exclusive member of TechAssure, the leading international association of brokers specializing in life science and technology-related risks.  As one of the world’s largest independent insurance agency/brokerage networks, TechAssure members are collaborative in the sharing of best practices and IP and work to ensure that companies with technology-and life science risks have access to the best risk management resources and products.

Membership is invitation-only and extended only to those firms that have demonstrated expertise and experience in serving these industries. With over 100 offices on 5 continents globally, TechAssure has a member in most major-technology hubs around the world. TechAssure Members serve clients in a variety of innovation-related industries, including:

  • Information Technology & Cyber
  • Telecommunications
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Clean Technology
  • New Media & Internet
  • Sharing Economy
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Intellectual Property Protection

Benefits of working with a TechAssure member:

Market Leverage: TechAssure members collectively place over $3B USD in premiums, making it one of the largest brokerage networks globally for tech-related risks. This equates to more coverage options, enhanced negotiating power and leading carrier access.

Local, yet Global: TechAssure members are committed to bringing the best products and services to global middle-market companies, while maintaining the flexibility and personalization of a regional brokerage firm. With TechAssure’s global network of specialists, no other brokerage can match the level of sophistication and expertise while delivering it at the local level.

Exclusive Products & IP: TechAssure members collaborate to push market innovation and deliver meaningful products and tools to their clients. From proprietary benchmarking data to enhanced policy wording, TechAssure members are constantly looking for ways to enhance the value they deliver to clients. Specialists-only

Model: TechAssure members are all carefully vetted to ensure consistent quality and expertise. Working with a member of TechAssure offers middle-market companies the ability to work with peer-evaluated firms capable of delivering the highest in performance standards.

Cyber Excellence: TechAssure members have been insuring cyber risks since before the term was developed. For over 20 years, TechAssure members have been developing best-in-class cyber risk management programs for some of the most complex and innovative risks in the world. Working with a TechAssure member guarantees access to a variety of cyber resources, tools and coverage enhancements. For additional information, please go to

Sponsor: Southern California Biomedical Council (SCBC), the premier trade organization for the life science and medical device industries in Southern California. The SCBC is the Southern California member and partner of BIO. The SCBC promotes the industry through events, communications, conferences and advocacy. Bolton & Company has been a long time sponsor of the SCBC. For additional information, please go to

Member: Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the predominant organization of its kind in the United States and around the world. They are the primary advocate for its members regardless of the size of the company. BIO offers legislative advocacy, communications regarding the industry and a group purchasing program for its members, including insurance and risk management products and programs. Bolton & Company is the Southern California BIO member for these insurance and risk management products. For additional information, please go to

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