Leading Wellness Services. Delivered by an Experienced Team.

Bolton leads with a comprehensive approach toward program design and implementation. We will partner with your organization to perform needs and readiness assessments, define organizational goals and develop wellness initiatives and programs that will help you reach your goals:

  • Define objectives
  • Evaluate existing strategies
  • Assess third-party solutions
  • Recommend ergonomic solutions
  • Implement customized programs
  • Manage ongoing programs
  • Develop communications platforms
  • Provide data analysis and reporting

Bolton also assists with implementation. We work with a group of best-in-class partners to introduce a variety of services: employee screenings, fitness programs, stress reduction initiatives, onsite education, data collection and benchmarking.

We also help clients to coordinate with their carriers to take advantage of resources that are often low-cost or free.

Your Ever-evolving, Problem Solving Team.

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