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We understand communication is extremely important to a successful employee benefits program. Unfortunately, employees’ perception of their benefits program isn’t always accurate. Employees tend to undervalue their benefits for a number of reasons:

  • Employers communicate the value of the benefits poorly and infrequently
  • Employees have little or no choice in selecting benefits packages or options
  • Employees misunderstand the market value of their benefits and the additional cost of their compensation package to employers

Our expert team of employee benefits consultants help communicate the value of your benefits program in a number of different ways:

Custom Open Enrollment Brochures: A detailed overview of the entire program for employees to review at open enrollment and throughout the year.

Employee Surveys: Surveys that help with understanding plan issues and communicating the value of your benefits package.

Benefit Statements: Communicate the total dollar value of the employee benefit package on top of employee compensation—an extremely valuable recruiting and retention tool.

Payroll Stuffers, Memos, Newsletters: Additional items that we supply for our clients to help educate and prepare employees for upcoming changes or enhancement to the plan.

Benefits-at-a-Glance: A detailed overview of all benefits and coverages, insurance carriers, premium and deductible information.

Our communication strategy sets us apart from other firms as it is a standard practice for all of our clients. We conduct a thorough communication strategy assessment and work closely with your human resources team to develop customized communications that deliver the right materials, production and distribution for your needs.

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