April 28, 2022    
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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More and more organizations are finding themselves in a desperate place when it comes to talent, struggling to figure out how to market the organization in a way that attracts the talent they need to thrive. In addition, long-term retention requires that an employee’s experience be deeply engaging and match the brand and culture story they were sold on during the interview process. While most leaders recognize the potential ROI of a strong employer brand and thriving culture, many are unsure where to start and how to bring it to life. Join key cultural chefs Zech Dahms at Perennial Culture and Jessica Liu at Bolton/IMA for this 1-hour session to learn the recipe for a thriving culture. Following this recipe will result in an attractive, engaging, and energizing company culture – or a tasty proverbial pudding as we would say!