Expert Approach Toward Health and Safety Integration.

Our knowledge of existing and pending ergonomics regulations, standards and guidelines enables us to assist clients in identifying high-injury or high-cost jobs, pinpointing ergonomic risk factors, identifying root causes and developing comprehensive action plans. We help clients identify and implement engineering, administrative and work practice solutions that minimize risk factors, reduce injuries and improve performance.

In both office and industrial environments, our ergonomic services focus on improving human performance, resulting in measurably higher quality, productivity and employee safety. Our ergonomics approach integrates health and safety initiatives.

Features include:

  • Proactive, practical ergonomic services
  • Address both safety and employee health and well-being
  • Emphasize a team approach, working together with clients to determine optimal solutions
  • Cost/benefit solutions that can increase productivity and decrease the human and economic costs of injuries
  • Accessing the “fit” between the user and technology

Our ergonomic services include:

  • Analyses and observations of jobs likely to result in work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)
  • Assistance with development of a written ergonomic program and plan as outlined in California’s Title 8, 5110 and assistance with implementation
  • Both office and industrial ergonomic consultation
  • Ergonomic Survey or Workstation Evaluation (a detailed written report of findings with possible control measures)
  • General ergonomic walkthrough, written report with general observations of ergonomic risk factors as well as other hazards or safety infractions that can result in Cal-OSHA violations
  • Train-the-trainer lectures (customized)
  • Cost justification to ensure return on investment and sustainable impact

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