International Security Conference – ISC West 2018 – Event Review

International Security Conference - ISC West 2018 - Event Review

Bolton attended the International Security Conference 2018 event this last week. The event hosted nearly a 1,000 exhibitors presenting all manner of alarms. Any event as large ISC West poses difficulties to see all the new and exciting products. However, here are some of our thoughts on recent trends in the market.


What’s Hot? Smarter Systems Through Machine Learning

Intelligent security systems have always been limited by their programming. Computer programmers design systems for all the scenarios that they can reasonably predict. However, once a system was deployed, it largely had to function within a set of predictable patterns. Change a pattern or give a system a unique scenario, and its effectiveness would begin to degrade unless it was upgraded with new software or replaced altogether. Now, a new class of systems powered through machine learning is creating the next generation of security products. This year at ISC West we saw systems that can begin to recognize patterns (when personnel normally leave the office or how many people should normally be within a building at 3am) and those that can predict “anomalies” (ie. notifying owners when there is extra activity in the backyard during a party) without necessarily switching into alarm mode.


What to Look For in 2018? The Smart Building Becomes Standard

Security and access control systems used to be expensive, invasive installations with wired devices, cameras and sensors strewed around a building. A functional system required dedicated hubs, servers and phone lines, often tied to an ongoing support program, such as a central station or security team to monitor and maintain it. Additionally, various building systems, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting would work in parallel. That’s all changing. More and more systems are multimodal (ie. cameras, sensors, drones), capable of working in tandem with other building systems, wifi-enabled and tied to our smartphones. The security system of science fiction is becoming reality in both commercial buildings and homes.

In our business, much of it is done via telephone and email. These events for our industry allow us all to come together and socialize in a face-to-face environment. It was great to see many of our valued clients flourishing at ISC West 2018 and California Alarm Association’s event on Tuesday night at the Venetian’s Rockhouse.

Additionally, Bolton is exhibiting at the California Alarm Association Palm Springs Convention on May 16th – 19th at the Hilton Palm Springs. We’ll be exhibiting at the event where over 300 industry professionals will be meeting and hope that you can join us.

Bolton’s Security & Alarms Group provides insurance coverage for over 800 security firms and has for over 35 years. If you have questions about your current or future coverage, please feel free to reach out to me or Rick Gombar at 626.535.1824.

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