Our Grant Process.

  • Grant applications are accepted from June 1 to January 31. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.
  • All applicants will be notified by March 1.
  • All grant recipients will be recognized and presented a grant funding check at our annual Throw Down event.


  • The organization or program requesting funding must be a registered 501c (3) with a valid tax ID.
  • The organization or service for which funds are sought must be located California.
  • The organization or program must benefit community development, education or youth services.
    Grants must be used as either seed money for start-up programs or funding for existing programs.

Please note, the following are areas that do not qualify for grants:

  • International organizations
  • General expenses (overhead, travel, conferences, etc.)
  • Political action committees, political causes or contributions to candidates
  • Individuals – grants made directly to an individual, or grants made to an organization such as a school for the benefit of a specific individual

Apply for a Grant Today.

Interested in empowering a nonprofit? Grant applications are accepted from June 1 to January 31.

Questions or comments regarding Bolton Foundation grants? Contact us directly.

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