#BelongingAtBolton: Inclusion is What You Do—Especially at Halloween

Wearing a costume as an adult—especially at work—is an act of courage. You put yourself up for being judged—by your coworkers, your boss and random folks you see in the community.

So what does it say about a company—and its culture—where the majority of employees feel comfortable enough to dress up. And then openly share that spirit with their coworkers and the community. Where your chief operating officer dresses up as a barista and takes everyone to Starbucks. Where your team works together to recreate The Wizard of Oz, with meticulous effort – especially on the Cowardly Lion costume.

If I didn’t work here already, I’d say I want to work here.

Simon Sinek said that courage is not internally driven, courage is demonstrated when you feel supported by others.

Maybe that’s why Bolton has been named among the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles by the LA Business Journal five years running.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos, it’s all about what you believe and having the courage to show up. Translated to a group environment, that’s belonging—where you feel supported to bring it and your team brings it in equal force.

How We Do Halloween

Nearly 50 out of 200 employees dressed up for Halloween.

Teams included a quartet of trolls from the 2017 summer movie, a coven of witches, the Three Little Pigs (and Wolf, of course) and the main characters from the “Wizard of Oz”. Fantastic individual entries included a young Elliot and his alien companion from the 1982 movie “E.T.”, a possessed Regan from “the Exorcist” (1973), and a T. Rex wandering through the IT department.

As previously mentioned, Bolton’s COO Mike Morey (dressed as a barista) took the many dozens of costumed employees to the local Starbucks to help celebrate the holiday with the community.

To see many of our great to Halloween costume photos, check out the Bolton & Company’s Facebook page.


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